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I wonder what message schools are sending to students when they respond to a challenge simply by banning technology. I know that similar efforts to ban calculators when I was young was met with a very sceptical roll of the eye. Did they think calculators were a danger to society? Did they expect time would simply roll back? We have New York schools banning chatGPT (more) and various states banning TikTok (more) (a move Wired says hurts higher education). Art-Reddit won't allow submissions that look similar to AI-art (whatever that means). Conferences won't allow papers authored by AI. Sheesh. If you're going to ban anything known to be dangerous, ban guns! Anyhow, as this article argues, "None of these measures will accomplish anything more than generating a few headlines... More sophisticated and less obvious tools will be coming very soon." (p.s. the article also had me side-tracked looking at carnival games).

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