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The fediverse and the indieweb

Dec 01, 2022

Today's Mastodon/Twitter update is a mixed bag. There are warnings to not use Hive Social as a Twitter alternative due to data breaches. Also, Marcus Hutchins writes that while he thought moderation would become impossible, he was wrong. "Mastodon is not an ad-driven platform. There is absolutely zero incentives to let awful people run amok in the name of engagement." Indeed, Mastodon isn't just a replacement for Twitter, write Nathan Schneider and Amy Hasinoff. It scales in a different way - not through automation, but by distributing workload (I would note that this is also the basic difference between the xMOOC, which is like Twitter, and the cMOOC, which is like the fediverse). Tim Bray says, "let's stop saying 'No algorithms!' because that's just wrong, and figure out how to get nice algorithms built." Ben Werdmuller reminds us of the link between the fediverse and the indieweb (which, trust me, isn't forgotten in the pages of OLDaily). But it's a blend: "instead of Publishing on my Own Site and Syndicating Elsewhere, I plan to just Publish and Participate," he writes. Laura Hazard Owen writes about how Post plans to use micropaymnts as a business model. And a thing on partially visualizing the fediverse.

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