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Once again here is the list of conferences and other development opportunities from Clayton R. Wright. He writes, "The 48th edition of the events list provides a potpourri of webinars, online courses and programs, hybrid conferences, and in-person events. Most organizations have returned to their normal ways by offering in-person events. Those who currently provide an online presence may only offer a limited version of their conference online as opposed to the full version that they offered during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sincerely, I hope readers of the list explore it as they may find events that may be more congruent with their current professional interests than the ones they always attend. Also, they are likely to gain ideas that might enable them to establish a similar event closer to home. One does not have to attend an event in order to benefit from the list. If you want to know what may be the most current concerns of educators, take a look at the conference or event themes and examine the abstracts provided by the keynote speakers." 157 page MS-Word document.

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