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Obviously, since I created my own Ethics, Analytics and Duty of Care course, I had an interest in what Rob Farrow had to say about ethics and education technology. I felt the work was in various respects incomplete (ethics, for example, is more than just three theories wide). Obviously he can't do much more than a surface presentation in an hour; as he says, "I think one could probably make a 10 week university course out of the bare bones of what I presented." He does point to a current tension in both ethics and education - "between the intended objectivism/universalism of traditional philosophy and the emphasis on the particular and recognition of identity in perspectives that start from acknowledging historical injustices or power differentials."  Anyhow, he offers 77 slides and some retrospective in this post, and I'll add it to my list of resources (especially the Framework for Ethical Learning Technologies (FELT), which I'll add to the pile of almost 100 similar efforts from other organizations). P.S. for those who are interested, I will be offering a full-day workshop on the topic at Online Educa Berlin in late November.

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