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This is a really good interview with Whitney Phillips, who argues that the narratives from media networks - "especially about liberal bias, or about how you can't trust experts" - is the oxygen people have breathed their entire lives; "that's what you bring to Facebook; that's not what Facebook gives you. So once you go to Facebook, with those narratives fully internalized... the algorithm starts feeding you more of what you're already bringing to the table." So "we just can't simplistically say, it's the algorithm that's radicalizing our kids - you don't just take someone who's a run-of-the-mill, everyday person, a centrist or a moderate, and have them watch 10 YouTube videos, and suddenly they're a Nazi." This interview exists, of course, because Phillips has published a book, but you can read The Oxygen of Amplification (three part PDF - part one, part two, part three) online for free thanks to Craig Newmark Philanthropies and News Integrity Initiative.

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