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This report (43 page PDF) is designed to help "guide strategic planning for blended learning courses and programs." By 'blended learning' we generally mean learning opportunities that incorporate both online and in-person (or 'onsite') activities. The idea is to use the onsite environment for activirties that depend on being there in person, for example, "wet labs" or role-plays. The paper introduces "four dialecticals of blended learning" (think of a 'dialectical' as a scale that runes from 'all' to 'none') and defines different approaches to blended learning in terms of these four elements: technological, temporal, spatial and pedagogical. The report recommends a generally active learning approach as greater student agency and flexibility is scaffolded over time. Overall, this is a good report, and my only real criticism is to suggest that this is a process that should begin much earlier in a student's career, so they arrive at the post-secondary level prepared to make the most of limited face-to-face opportunities.

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