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All in all, good advice (quoted):

  1. The first weeks of school should be devoted to community building and digital competency.
  2. Communication with parents needs to be more thorough, streamlined, and predictable.
  3. Community and connection need to be a priority for teachers, too.
  4. Teacher collaboration is even more important.
  5. "Face-to-face" time should be used for active learning.
  6. Content needs to be simplified and slowed down.
  7. Instructions should be easy to find, explicit, and multimodal.
  8. Traditional grading practices should take a backseat to feedback.
  9. Summative assessment should focus on creation.

I think people may be thinking that these measures will tide us over until everyone can go back into the classroom. What we'll find is that approaches like this make learning better in general.


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