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OK, I really hate the term 'panicgogy', because it bears no relation to what the situation actually is. My observation is that people in our field are demonstrating the opposite of panic. And it's irresponsible to introduce such a term into the discourse. But the article is valuable in noting the trend where experts are advising new online instructors to "do less" by "understanding students' practicalities... It's not really realistic to think that students can just show up and start taking class at the same time every day in an online environment." Of course, that never was a reasonable expectation of online learning. Robin DeRosa says it well. "I think the first thing is we are not building online courses or converting your face to face courses to online learning. Really, what we're doing is we are trying to extend a sense of care to our students and trying to build a community that's going to be able to work together to get through the learning challenges that we have." This has always been the case (at least from my perspective). Now is the time we need to ensure it is more widely understood.

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