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This article looks at how the 'pedagogy of small', that is, pedagogy that "is not big and not commercial. It is not optimized or standardized; it is not derived, averaged, or calculated. Instead, it is personal, crafted and artisanal. Small is also often entails a delay in responses; it can be slow and inefficient." This concept is examined in the light of a couple of examples, first, the generation of #smallstories in Mastodon, a federated social networking application, and second, the Young Writers Project (YWP), which includes an online community, a schools project, workshops, and a publications program. The authors write, "Our conversations have led us to believe that while corporatised education focuses on enclosure, profit, reputation and efficiency, open source communities offer a counter-cultural model for learners to interact technologically, economically and socially in a complex world." Image: Picuki #smallstory Instagram Posts.

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