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There's a lot of stuff in this report (32 page PDF) talking about what non-degree credentials (NDC) are, why they're needed (TLDR: because not enough full degrees are being granted, and states need another way to meet their goals), and why a determination of NDC quality is essential. Eventually (p.13) we get to the definition (paraphrased): a quality NDC is student focused; supports equitable credential attainment; is supported by valid, reliable, and transparent information; allows flexibility in operationalizing the definition; and is the outcome of a public process to determine which credentials are quality credentials. We then get an additional definition of "the criteria that constitute quality" (paraphrased): substantial job opportunities as-sociated with the credential, competencies that align with expected job opportunities, evidence of employment and earnings outcomes after obtaining the credential; and stackability to additional education or training. This IMO is a very narrow definition of quality. Too narrow. Via eCampus News. Thanks to John H. Steitz for the suggestion.

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