Knowlege, Skill and Virtue Epistemology

Duncan Pritchard, Handbook of Skill and Expertise, Jan 21, 2019
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is just one bit of Duncan Pritchard's voluminous output. It makes me think about the relation between knowledge, on the one hand, and the skill or virtues needed to produce knowledge on the other, in other words, between cognitive success and cognitive agency. "there is a way of thinking about knowledge that takes the idea that knowledge involves cognitive skill or ability as primary," writes Pritchard. To put the question this way: can an unskilled person ever know something? Pritchard writes, "knowledge is to be understood as a safe (non-lucky) cognitive success which is significantly attributable to one’s manifestation of relevant cognitive skill (and thus one’s cognitive agency)." Image: CivBeyondEarth.

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