Advice requested on ‘Teaching in a Digital Age’

Tony Bates, Online learning and distance education resources, Jan 08, 2019
Commentary by Stephen Downes

One of the big differences between Tony Bates's career and mine is that he publishes books and I don't. I don't have nearly enough patience to work with a book publisher (as various journal editors can attest). Too many people want me to say something different from what I intend. I just want to write down what I know and put it out there. Sometimes it's read and sometimes it's not. Either way is fine with me. Even with I make it open to the world for editing (as I did for the full E-Learning 3.0 set of papers) people mostly leave it alone.

Bates wrote 'Teaching in a Digital Age' a few years ago to wrap up what would have been an eminently successful career. Four years later Bates is still active, but the book is not a bit out of date (heck, I look at stuff I wrote last year and laugh at it). So what should he do? He considers a number of options, but would like readers to weigh in. Because he mentions me near the end of the post, I feel I should comment. But what could I add? I don't really revise previous work - I rethink each new iteration anew (this is also why I can't edit my stuff - it's like asking me to write the same paper over again, from scratch, as though it would somehow be better the second time).

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