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On Saturday Fast Company broke the story that Tim Berners-Lee was launching a startup to develop and distribute his SoLiD application (which stands for Social Linked Data; I've covered it here before). There was also a Medium post the same day. This is a part of his plan to restore the web to its original decentralized vision. His new company is called Inrupt (which will be way easier to search for than 'solid') and is launching this week. "Solid is guided by the principle of 'personal empowerment through data' which we believe is fundamental to the success of the next era of the web. We believe data should empower each of us.... With Solid, you will have far more personal agency over data - you decide which apps can access it."

Another post notes, "For developers who haven't dug in yet, you should start with the Solid Developer Portal, beginning with the Getting Started page. We just put this online two days ago, so the documentation you're seeing today is only a small subset of what we've got planned." I have dug into it, and found it complex and messy - but that was a while ago, and I'm hoping (and expecting) it's a lot easier to get started now.

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