Is Blackboard dying? The latest instalment in LMS wars.

Tony Bates, Online learning and distance education resources, Jul 18, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There's been a fair bit of discussion in the e-learning trade press about e-Literate's recent article noting that Canvas has overtaken Blackboard in the LMS space. The tipping point here is meaningless, but Tony Bates notes "Much more significantly, Feldstein claims that Blackboard is in serious financial trouble, needing to make increasingly large interest payments to its private equity owner, Providence Equity, arising from the time that Providence Equity bought Blackboard. To quote Feldstein: 'So because of its financing, Blackboard’s continuing loss of market share is at the tipping point of changing from a serious problem to an existential threat.'" Maybe, but so what? As Bates says, "fighting over LMSs systems is like fighting over dying star systems. Move to another world, dude."

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