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"How," asks Allison Littlejohn, "should professional practice in the Open University evolve to facilitate agile and responsive module production?" It's a good question. In agile methodology you break out of the traditional ADDIE structure (in software design, the equivalent is called 'waterfall') and take a wholistic approach, designing iteratively, releasing frequently, and making adjustments based on feedback. So the professor can't simply "write the content" and then be done with it. So instead we see a "shift for academics from writing individual sections of a module to working on a common object means that the academics and media specialists now work together around the module resources (as a 'mediating artifact'). The group work together in real time, rather than passing the resource back and forth from the academic team to the LTS team." (p.s. the reference to activity theory in the paper is completely spurious, as activity theory really has nothing to do with the principle of agile design). Image: innerHtml.

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