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How To Be a Polymath

Steven Mazie, Nov 10, 2013

I am never really happy unless I am doing three or four things at once - not all at the same time, but balancing my day between activities of a very different nature. This is, writes Steven Mazie, the secret not just to being a polymath but also to success in any individual enterprise. And I can see why - I often transfer lessons learned in one domain to another domain. But in the age of the specialist, how do you begin? Start small. Think big. "Simply attempting new things seems to offer health benefits to people... After only short periods of trying, the ability to make new connections develops. And it isn't just about doing puzzles and crosswords; you really have to try and learn something new.... What kind of thing? There's evidence that something as trivial as changing the path you use when you walk home from the subway can rewire your brain for the better." 

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