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Google has always been a reluctant player in the RSS arena, maybe because people who use RSS have much less need for Google's core search services. One of my major complaints about Google+ was that it did not support RSS either as input or output. So now we read that Google is retiring its RSS Reader application, as of July, and it's hard to be surprised. Support for RSS on Blogger ahs weakened over the years, and Feedburner looks to be on the way out as well. Personally I will be able to use gRSShopper, but for people without their own aggregator the alternatives are not especially attractive. I can accept that RSS is a dying technology - nothing lasts forever - but the replacement, living inside the walled gardens of Facebook,  Twitter and Google+, is just awful. For those of us who want to read from the whole web, it's back to the days of scraping, it seems.

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