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I'm not thrilled by the idea of naming a technology after a movie (a la 'Minority Report effects' - I'm never watched the movie, and I'm not going to, it's a Tom Cruise movie, hasn't anyone noticed this? So I don't know what 'Minority Report effect' means, exactly, beyond what I infer from descriptions). Anyhow. This post describes the idea of a heads-up display viewed directly in the eye (an idea thought of well before the Terminator movies). " For now, the lens displays only a single, well-focused pixel and the wireless power is only enough to give the appearance of constant illumination, but this is the first step toward, as researchers describe it, building lenses that 'may receive data from external platforms (e.g. mobile phones) and provide real-time notiļ¬cation of important events.'" Maybe when I get an artificial lens I can get a lens HUD implant.

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