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It's Martin Weller's week at the #change11 MOOC and he's prepared this nice resource supporting his talk on digital scholarship. "As I mention in the video," he writes, "the week is largely based around a book I’ve just published, called The Digital Scholar. This was published by Bloomsbury, but is available as a free open access book, under a Creative Commons license here." He focuses his discussion on digital scholarship around four themes:
- digital scholarship provides us with is a richer set of alternatives
- new forms of media allow for greater impact than traditional scholarly practices
- ‘digital scholarship’ is really a shorthand for digital, networked and open.
- there's a tension currently between the pockets of marvellous innovation and a markedly conservative, resistant attitude from many institutions
See also related posts on criticisms of digital scholarship and the definition of digital scholarship. Weller also asks, what ar the values in a MOOC?

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