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When even the National Post admits there's a problem with income inequality, maybe something will finally be done about it. "Rising inequality, in good times and bad, makes it increasingly feel like the game is rigged, destabilizing foundational values and expectations." This is exactly right. "A system that lets a small group gain more while the majority is forced to settle for less, despite ever-greater effort, is a prescription for trouble. No one knows the tipping point, but lock enough people out of the promise of gains and at some point, instead of stability and growth, you get social unrest."

Related, and more on the topic of education, Kelli McGraw writes, "There is no excuse for sustaining a system that provides some children with tennis courts, cricket pitches and drama theatres, when teachers at other local schools are penny-pinching to buy more whiteboard markers... It is disturbing to see people speaking in hushed tones around the issue of the Gonski Review, seemingly frightened to suggest that IT’S NOT ALRIGHT for some families to buy their way into status and social advantage."

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