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Ellen Wagner writes, "The digital 'breadcrumbs' that learners leave behind about their viewing, reading, engagement and assessment behaviors, interests and preferences provide massive amounts of data that can be mined to better personalize online experiences." The study of these is sometimes known as learning analytics. Wagner outlines the "five things I know for sure about the rising tide of learning analytics":
- data-driven decision-making is here to stay. I would add that we are at the frontiers of data-driven assessment
- it's about what we do with the data - "personalized predictively generated experiences will help ME stay on top of what I need to know"
- institutions already have a great deal of data, "it's more about getting smarter and putting the data we already collect to better use" (I disagree; a huge part of learning analytics will be about getting more data)
- it's hard to ignore data once you know what it says - "once you take a look at what is going on, you need to be prepared for the fact that you are going to need to respond"
- there's no such thing as being 'sort-of' transparent

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