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Tim Stahmer does probably the best job of summarizing the recommendations from last weekend's outrageous "manifesto" published in the (not-so-neutral) Washingtom Post:
- Merit pay.
- Eliminate teacher seniority.
- Increasing student achievement (aka test scores).
- More charter schools.
- Online classes
There has been a lot of reaction, including Stahmer's follow-up, linking to Kevin Welner's criticism, noting, "None – literally NONE – of these gimmicks is evidence-based." John Sener, meanwhile, calls it a manifesto of nonsense. And in Education Notes Online we read of the Corporate Reform Action Pack. And Wesley Fryer gives us a nice graphic. Diane Ravitch, meanwhile, takes dead aim at the proposition that charters are a silver bullet. The only voice I find in favour of the piece - complaining only that it is "tepid" - is Daniel Willingham. No surprise there.

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