Manifesto For The Previous Century

Tim Stahmer, Assorted Stuff, Oct 12, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Tim Stahmer does probably the best job of summarizing the recommendations from last weekend's outrageous "manifesto" published in the (not-so-neutral) Washingtom Post:
- Merit pay.
- Eliminate teacher seniority.
- Increasing student achievement (aka test scores).
- More charter schools.
- Online classes
There has been a lot of reaction, including Stahmer's follow-up, linking to Kevin Welner's criticism, noting, "None – literally NONE – of these gimmicks is evidence-based." John Sener, meanwhile, calls it a manifesto of nonsense. And in Education Notes Online we read of the Corporate Reform Action Pack. And Wesley Fryer gives us a nice graphic. Diane Ravitch, meanwhile, takes dead aim at the proposition that charters are a silver bullet. The only voice I find in favour of the piece - complaining only that it is "tepid" - is Daniel Willingham. No surprise there.
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