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As someone who creates posts and edits links (in part) by hand, I have also noticed the 'link pollution' being propagated by Google and Feedburner (note that links served through OLDaily are always cleaned of 'utm' link garbage and redirects (such as Feedproxy or Feedburner) are dereferenced to provide actual (original) links). Link pollution like this breaks the system of using URIs as identifiers. I have long argued against the use of Feedburner; now we have more reasons: "1) it can pollute your links, first by appending them with Google Analytics tracking codes, then by rewriting the link as a proxied link; 2) you have no idea what future 'innovations' the Goog will introduce to pollute your feed even further." And yes, I'm also tempted to rewrite Google analytics code to highlight my own web site.

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