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I'll create the presentation page when I recover from my cold; meanwhile, here's a link to commentary and the Elluminate recording of my presentation in Alec Couros's class last night. I thought it went really well; when I'm under the weather I don't dance around the concepts, which sometimes results in pretty good statements. Worth noting, over and above the "three Ls" (which should, in schools, replace the "three Rs"), this (cited by Karyn Romeis): "He explained that communities share knowledge, they don't give it away. He explored the difference between the two. Giving something away free of charge as a philanthropic or charitable act implies a position of superiority to the giver over the recipient, whereas sharing takes place between equals. So giving is a downward/vertical action, whereas sharing is a horizontal action... In much the same way - as an attendee (delightfully known as 'plugusin') pointed out - to convince someone of something implies a downward action, an intimation of the superiority of one position over another."


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