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OK, this is sort of a good idea and in part a really bad idea. What's good about Ubiquity is the idea to enable on-demand, user-generated mashups with existing open Web APIs. Letting browser users see what gets sent, and see what's returned, and to mess around with that, would be a great thing. But the part about a text-based command language for the web? Or the hackneyed 'organize a trip for me' scenario? No, this mostly isn't what people need. But don't let me be a wet blanket - some interesting stuff could evolve out of Ubiquity, and this - here, now - is where it's starting. More, from Mark Oehlert, Metafilter, The Blog Herald, Wired News.

What do I think we want? I think we want a way to take any part of any page, cut it out, and move it - underlying application logic and all - into another page. Combining them, so that if we move a bit from one page on top of a bit from another page, the one acts as input for the other. Being able to transform types - from application logic, say, to video of the process, or from visual representation, say, to a series of instructions. Being able to send them wherever we want. Doing this all visually - but able to toggle to the script, and to the messages, in case we want to tweak what we've dragged and dropped.

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