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The Economist runs an article titled Nomads at Last which manages to malign both Bedouins and cybernauts on the same page. My own knowledge Arab nomadic culture is limited, but a reading of Seven Pillars of Wisdom is enough to put to lie the Economist's claims about the certainty of there being water at the next well. And as for what they are "inherently", well, I imagine each individual is unique. As for the cybernauts, well, I would say that the Economists misrepresents what people, most people, want in their lives - and it is not to be depending on fickle service providers for one's life and livelihood. I don't think we're all eager to become migrant workers for GoogleMicroHoo just yet.

And, I echo, word for word, Anne Galloway: "Anyone who reads this blog knows I have serious concerns about academia, but I figure that's all the more reason to try and improve it. Call me a Canadian socialist, but I believe in government and non-profits and academia, and I don't see how turning my back on them will help me or anyone else. Plus, I'm pretty sure that 'escaping' academia for the corporate world just implicates us in a different set of problems."

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