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PHP in Contrast To Perl

Website, Nov 29, 2007

I have long resisted the temptation to join the crowd and work in PHP, even though today's most popular applications - things like WordPress and Drupal - are coded in the language. When discussing it, I am prone to grimacing and saying "spaghetti code". This post, which compares Perl (my language of choice) and PHP in exhaustive detail, explains why. Now yes, I know that the article glosses the miserable inconvenience of installing Perl modules. But I favor Perl, not simply because PHP requires 3079 functions to do the job Perl does with only 206, but because those functions are inconsistent eight ways over Sunday. That plus the security weaknesses, the deliberate crippling of the language for commercial reasons, the lack of namespaces, and much more... all these lead me to stay with Perl, even if it's less popular.

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