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Clive Shepherd may refer to my contribution to SURF Education days as part of a "religious war", but I would point out that it's only a religious war to the side that's got religion. "I don't feel under any pressure to take a position on one educational approach or another," writes Shepherd. "Am I missing something?" Well yes, Clive, you are. And that is, the discipline of educational technology is not - or at least, it should not be - a matter of faith. What really bothered me about the paper I criticized was the poor reasoning and the poor understanding of science. Apparently some people think I was being therefore unreasonable and unfair. Yes, many teachers - including Clive Shepherd, apparently - govern their classes according to what they want (and pretend it's the value-free neutral ground that they're taking), where what they want is informed by superstition and myth (left-brain right-brain indeed). The religious wars will stop when people stop acting like it's a religion.

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