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The old Matt Groening cartoon in this post is worth the price of admission. The discussion surrounding the cartoon focuses on the question, "Would you sacrifice occasionally excellent for consistently good?" Like all hypotheticals, it assumes that both horns of the dilemma are attainable (I look for 'occasionally good' - anything else is a bonus). Anyhow, Don Ledingham writes, "we all too often in education - worldwide - conspire to 'protect' children from the impact of a weak teacher. Perhaps the first step we need to take on our 'Journey to Excellence' is to work together to ensure that no teacher could ever be descibed as being weak." I personally think that the whole 'excellent teacher' vs 'weak teacher' dialogue is misplaced. Mostly, people aren't generically 'excellent' or 'weak' - they have good days, they have bad days, they work well with some students and not so well with others.

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