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A 16 year-old Australian student took approximately 30 minutes to bypass a government funded content filter that took $84 million to create (other accounts peg the cost at million). He then proceeds to make much more sense than the officials that installed the software, saying, "Filters aren't addressing the bigger issues anyway. Cyber bullying, educating children on how to protect themselves and their privacy are the first problems I'd fix. They really need to develop a youth-involved forum to discuss some of these problems and ideas for fixing them."

The hack has caused a storm of commentary: Jacinta Gascoigne, Techdirt, Mike Seyfang ("The moral of this story is that anyone who thinks they can shirk their responsibility by relying on software to ‘delete internet nasties' needs to think again."), Cognitive Edge ("the main things that need to be done are collaboration with kids, because the problems that we have are directly affecting kids, not adults, and unless you speak to them quite a lot you're not going to do anything with any effect."), Teaching and Learning, Judy O'Connell.

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