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Alan Levine sums up this article - yet another anti-technology screed in the Chronicle - with one word: Loser. More snark, is now New Kid on the Hallway describes it, correctly. "What's particularly disturbing about this column is that much of his dismissal of educational technology seems to be inspired by a deep contempt for his students." Quite so. The blog Twice says the article "was kind of funny." Geeky Mom asks, "Why is it that we never see articles in the Chronicle about successful uses of technology in the classroom?" Aacademic Hack writes, "If I had time I would point out everything that is wrong with the Chronicle piece." Pharyngula writes, "It seems to be nothing but a long whine about modern teaching technologies - it's rather pathetic, actually, but the Chronicle seems to have a fondness for running occasional articles from defensive, confused Luddites."On the Verge calls the author's tone "clearly self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek." I call it the characteristically lazy and sloppy journalism that serves as the best evidence we could ask for regarding the increasing irrelevance of traditional media.

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