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EduRSS 0.2 Is Back

Stephen Downes, Mar 28, 2007

Edu-RSS is in operation once again, harvesting blogs and sending out pages and RSS feeds. Here is a list of the feeds harvested by Edu-RSS. I am now producing several output pages (and corresponding RSS feeds):

On this site, Edu_RSS runs several different lists:

(Click on the orange RSS icon in the address bar to get the RSS feed). Also related to this is the arrival, once again, of my Research Topics pages. These are also showing up as 'tags' on individual posts both in Edu_RSS and in this newsletter. I'm still working on that a bit - the topics will be displayed in categories some time in the future. And RSS feeds for the topics will be available again. Still some bugs in the system (especially in the auto-tagger). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the way I've incorporated the Wikipedia content into the pages.

One thing to note. Edu_RSS, when it harvests, collects all the links cited in given posts. This will be used to track conversations and to rank pages. So far so good - but many feeds (especially WordPress feeds) only distribute short summaries of about 300 characters (Edu_RSS itself only retains 1000 characters, but only after analyzing the full content). I do not retrieve the original web page. So if you are distributing only a summary in your web page, the sites you link to are not being recorded. Just so you know.

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