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What I like about this is the way a group of people on the outside show how its done. The focus is the (Australian) ICA05 training package, currently available only as a PDF. The author writes, "I don't have much time for searching through two 600 page PDF documents, cutting and pasting and re-formatting units, and wondered why this information wasn't availiable as a database or an XML file... Well... I had a couple of spare days so I kludged together some code that read the original PDF documents and fed the results into a database... Why stop there? How about: auto-generating moodle module skeletons; programmatically creating tiddlyWiki's for each unit; building a database of activities that address specific learning outcomes, and automagically finding other units that these activities might also be used for - and thats after just 15 seconds of thought, I'm sure you could think of more." Well done!

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