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Learning in Web 2.0

Stephen Downes, Sept 12, 2006

So anyhow. Suppose you are in the heart of Africa and you have lost your airline tickets and passport. Do you (a) go straight to the Canadian embassy (assume you are Canadian) and get emergency tranportation home? (b) sit tight and wait for news from the authorities, not taking any risks? Or (c) go on safari?

It's not the sort of question you expect to come up a lot. Nonetheless, I faced it this week. And the winning answer was... c! Yes, I went on safari, came back several days later, and it looks like all will be well and that by this time tomorrow I will be halfway over the Indian Ocean on my way to Perth, and then Sydney. I hope.

In the meantime, I made my way to Cape Town and had a couple of fascinating talks, including this lunchtime talk (8.427 megabytes MP3) at the University of Cape Town. Intended to cover Web 2.0 tools, it went a little off topic (as it was supposed to) and became a look at just what Web 2.0 learning is supposed to be. I have a lot more audio and video, and more, to upload - but it will have to wait for now.

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