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In 1980 I was sent to Austin, texas, for three months of training by Texas Instruments. After completing the self-study course (video and workbook) on MVS/JES3 operations, and the extra course I took on the JES3 Job Control Language (all fascinating stuff, believe me) I took another optional course, 'On the Way Up', on effective communication in the corporate environment. The course advocated the methodology of 'feel - want - willing' - that is, express how something makes you feel, state what you want, and show what you are willing to do in return. It was effective, and it worked (though I wasn't willing to become a worker-drone, and so TI promoted the other three trainees, who had completed one course, with a lower grade than I, because they 'fit in' better, deciding that I was too much of a loose cannon (even then!) to pomote). Anyhow, Konrad Glogowski's post on killing communication with the teacherly voice reminded me of that lesson. What would be so hard about responding authentically, with what you feel as a reader? The same things, maybe, that kept TI from promoting me (their loss).

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