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My comment was simply swallowed up by Jay Cros's website; maybe it was accepted, maybe it was filtered, maybe it just disappeared (please, people, if you are modertaing comments, add a notice to your website, and if your system filters spam, at least let commentators know - I spent way too much time today trying to post comments on people's websites). Anyhow, what I said to this post, in essence, is this: We are all coming from somewhere. And when I write, if you see an anger in my writing, it is because I am coming from somewhere too. And when you rebrand things like blogs and RSS, because the associations with freaks and hackers and lawsuits waiting to happen make your corporate clients uncomfortable, you are eliminating people like me. And I refuse to be eliminated, I refuse to be marginalized. Which is why I appreciate you took this tack, rather than to just fire off a one-line reply. Because it shows that you can understand, that I am coming from somewhere.

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