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"User-generated content is very difficult to manage and control." This assessment comes in the midst of a user rebellion at YouTube against increased censorship and control. Tim Stahmer argues, "These fears revolve around the uncertainty that arises when high powered communications tools become available to almost anyone. Institutions and companies accustomed to manipulating their audiences are finding that control slipping away." Control of the message appears to be everything, and even benign and well-intentioned criticisms are being stifled. As Wes Fryer observes, "Schools are technocratic, top-down, static institutions which generally do not value change, innovation, or creativity." But, as Stephanie Sandifer argues, "it's time for the adults to stop letting our fear win - it's time for the adults to step-up to the plate and teach our kids how to use the Internet in safe and responsible ways because it is a part of our life." Right.

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