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Catching up a bit with Will Richardson, who in addition to disappearing to Sweden for a couple of weeks is preparing for a new career. He is asking why he is not reading as much as he used to. I found, while I was gone, that it took me much less time to read my email and blogs. Most of what was out there just didn't interest me. Will writes, "Blog enlightenment. And I don't think it's in writing more or trying harder. I think, as with all enlightenment, it's about letting go. But of what?" Why write posts? Why blog at all? If the content of what you are reading or writing isn't absorbing in and of itself, to you, then the blog just becomes a vehicle for some sort of external reward. Let go of the reward; leave that for the self-promoters and the shysters and the advertisers. And eschew these in your reading. Invest in your passions and follow those of others; the rest will follow.

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