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So today was proposal day at the office - a ten minute slot to argue for learning networks, web 2.0, open access, and the rest. And to explain why there is no "exploitation" or licenses or shrink-wrap 'products', why networks have value and why they should be distributed, why people need to be able to create their own content, why there needs to be openness, and to handle questions about the value of networks and why the (completely unrelated and unlamented) eduSource project was not a success. So now I reflect Miguel Guhlin's thoughts: "I read once that to pick up new things, you have to let go of the old. So, friends, help me let go of Educational Technology and grab onto the new...whatever that may be. It means banishing disillusionment, false visions, and reaching out to each other for the only true thing we have in education--the power to communicate, collaborate, and construct a new reality." And Dave Pollard brings me some relief as well. "The political elite wants you to feel helpless - dependence keeps you in your place. The corporatist elite wants you to feel helpless..." Last week, I let go. I am now away from the office for two weeks or so. Tonight I'll get some sleep. Tomorrow I'll pick myself up. To begin again banishing disillusionment and false visions. To begin again reaching out and constructing a new reality. Let us go forward together. No surrender. No retreat.

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