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This resonates: "In addition to articles for The Chronicle, I write essays, reviews, and features for several other publications. I do it because I have to. Don't laugh. Many writers will tell you they write because they have to. I think everyone, deep down, craves some form of creative expression. Painters paint. Landscapers landscape. Writers write. We all need to yawp... Call it ego, call it sharing knowledge and insights, or simply call it doing something for a side income, crass as that may sound. For writers, there's no greater satisfaction than seeing your words in print. Seeing your name alongside them is equally orgiastic. I suppose that's why I've never hidden under the cloak of anonymity in these columns, even though my honesty has gotten me in hot water a few times. Airing your institution's dirty laundry, I've learned, isn't always a good way to illustrate a point. I've also learned that people have differing definitions of dirty."

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