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OK, I'll confess. Sometimes I got out for a beer. Sometimes I go out for a lot of beers, though less frequently these days. And sometimes, when I was at school, I disliked my professors. Admitting to this, were I a student at Marquette, could get me suspended and worse. That is, after all, what happened to a student who made similar statements in his blog. As the author of this article observes, it looks like a vendetta prompted by ther anger of a hyper-sensitive school official. And would not be worth commenting on were it to have been an isolated instance. But, as readers know, it isn't. And I wonder: what made it open season on students? And what faith have we in our basic values, freedoms and liberties, when we are so quick to cast them aside when dealing with the powerless? This isn't about blogs. This is about what we believe, and how we act on those beliefs.

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