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David Wiley, who has been demonstrating structured blogging with a series of recent (and interesting) book reviews, ponders out loud about alternative authoring systems for learning objects. He should; there is a wave of new technologies approaching that will change the way we think about online reading and authoring. Tim Bray calls it lightweight authoring. Examples? Daily. Bill Ives talks about marketplace mashups. WikiCalc, for example, has just launched, "for creating and maintaining web pages that include data that is more than just unformatted prose, such as schedules, lists, and tables." Roland Tanglao observes that Drupal supports SuperGlu functionality. He also advises Microsoft to cannibalize everything, including office, to take advantage of these new authoring technologies. Meanwhile, on the aggregation side, we have PubSub lists to further personalize aggregation. I cannot emphasize how quickly this is moving forward. Your next authoring tool will be very different from your last one.

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