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Accessing Reclaim Cloud Containers by SSH and SFTP using Public and Private Keys
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, 2024/03/14

I don't know why, but I've always had a mental block around using public and private keys to access things. It doesn't help that the instructions are really obscure and important functions (like the place where you select the private key file you're using) is buried three layers deep in the login menu. And correct me if I'm wrong, but there's nowhere you can find the -i option for Powershell (to reference, again, the private key file) described anywhere. This article, therefore, is for me. Step by step instructions, with tons of images, so I never forget how to do this again. Gak!

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Trung Dong's Aerial Street Photos Highlight the Fruit Merchants of Hanoi — Colossal
Grace Ebert, Colossal, 2024/03/14


It's a really slow news day (hey, it happens) so here are some pictures of fruit vendors in Hanoi. Also, if that's not enough, here's Stephen D'Onofrio's Fruit Art from Kottke.

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Dark Patterns are now illegal in India
Paridhi Agrawal, Bootcamp, Medium, 2024/03/14


I'm not a fan of India blocking news videos from Canada, but I am a fan of banning dark patterns. " Dark patterns are misleading tricks in website and app designs that lead users to make unintended choices, like unwanted purchases or sharing personal data." The great big screen that Medium throws up in fron of an article making look like you have to subscribe to read is an example of a dark pattern - just click on the 'X' in the upper right and you can skip the screen completely. Anyhow, this article offers a nice list, with examples, of dark patterns. Via Dave Lane. See also Todd Libby, who has issues with the term 'dark patterns' and recommends 'deceptive patterns' instead.

Related: OK, I don't have the time or resources to build a whole marketing campaign around this concept (the way eg. 'enshttification' was promoted) but I do have a new term to offer and this is it: "cultural dark patterns" (or (nods to Libby) "culturally deceptive patterns"). Which means 'persistent ways of representing cultures as 'exotic' or 'old' (or sneaky, or criminal, etc.) in such a way as to bias perceptions about the culture. See here (Slovenian, but easily translated in your browser). Via Mitja Podreka.

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