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Developer Day Montreal
Hubert Nguyen, Joel Lord, Stanimira Vlaeva, Daniel Coupal, MongoDB, 2024/01/23


This is the work page for the developer workshop I've been attending all day in Montreal. I haven't taken the time to approach the Mongo database engine in a systematic way and this corrects that. It has also been a lot of fun. Mongo is known as a no-SQL database, which is true, but you still need to structure the database and queries against the data in some way, and this workshop covered that. It was free to register (I like that!) and they've done a first-class job putting it on (the view from the 21st floor downtown conference room didn't hurt either).

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AI for Teachers: an Open Textbook
Colin de la Higuera, Jotsna Iyer, AIFT, 2024/01/23


The most important statement in this book is probably this: "Both teachers and students, knowingly or unknowingly, for good or bad, are already using AI inside and out of the classroom." This isn't tech inevitablism or tech solutionism, it's simply a statement of fact. In light of this fact, this book is an essential read. It is clear, well-written, well organized, well resourced, and I particularly like the images. PressBooks version. 250 page PDF.

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Ethics and governance of artificial intelligence for health: Guidance on large multi-modal models
World Health Organization, 2024/01/23


From the announcement: "The World Health Organization (WHO) is releasing new guidance on the ethics and governance of large multi-modal models (LMMs) – a type of fast growing generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology with applications across health care. The guidance outlines over 40 recommendations for consideration by governments, technology companies, and health care providers to ensure the appropriate use of LMMs to promote and protect the health of populations." As with many similar publications, the document takes a risk-based approach. It also recommends governments "Invest in or provide not-for-profit or public infrastructure, including computing power and public data sets, accessible to developers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, that requires users to adhere to ethical principles and values in exchange for access," a suggestion I would endorse. (Currently getting a 403 Forbidden error, but I expect that will be cleared up shortly).

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