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What Is the Impact of ChatGPT on Education? A Rapid Review of the Literature
Chung Kwan Lo, Education Sciences, 2023/04/18


This (15 page PDF) is a 'rapid review' of academic literature related to chatGPT and education (much of which is found in literature on medical information). Papers are listed in the references section. The findings are no surprise whatsoever. "ChatGPT has the potential to enhance teaching and learning. However, its knowledge and performance were not entirely satisfactory across subject domains. The use of ChatGPT also presents various potential issues, such as generating incorrect or fake information and student plagiarism."

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Metaverse Standards Forum Incorporates
jriordon, Metaverse Standards Forum, 2023/04/18


The Metaverse Standards Forum has announced that "it is now incorporated as an independent non-profit industry consortium." Its mission continues to be "to enable, foster and promote cooperation and coordination over metaverse-related interoperability between standards organizations, companies, and universities." That is all.

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Learning Solutions Conference 2023 Recap - Experiencing eLearning
Christy Tucker, Experiencing eLearning, 2023/04/18


We don't get enough conference summaries any more, but here's an excellent example of the genre, a report on the Learning Solutions Conference 2023 from Christy Tucker. There were some useful bits as well. For example: a description of  Presentation Roulette, "a 5-minute improv with slides you've never seen on a topic you don't find out until right before you speak." That would be fun. Also, from Julie Dirksen's session, a link to pace layering: "Fast learns, slow remembers.  Fast proposes, slow disposes.  Fast is discontinuous, slow is continuous." I think we'll find that it's actually a pace gradient, rather than specific layers, but we'll see.

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