Graham Attwell: Personal Learning Environments are Getting Closer, The Wales-Wide Web November 9, 2005
Kudos to the Personal Learning Environments Blog for posting the best logo I've seen in a long while (if you don't see it, your email reader does not support .png images). As Graham Attwell says of personal learning environments, "Instead of the learner logging in to a university based system the leaner is able to integrate multiple contexts and sources of learning and develop their own 'learning mix'. Moreover this promises to be of use to the many, many thousands of learners who are not registered with educational institutions. It may even force institutions to reflect on their role in supporting - rather than defining - learning and knowledge." There's a lot of work going into this idea. It will be disruptive. And long overdue. [Tags: Brands and Branding] [Comment]

Chris Clark: Learnitology Podcast @ Notre Dame November 9, 2005
Just launched. As Chris Clark observes, "The Learning Technology Lab at the University of Notre Dame has released its first "Learnitology" podcast. The goal is to encourage faculty to consider exploring use of technology in their courses. The podcasts will include interviews with faculty, humor, music, and other useful information. A companion blog has also been created. The podcast is available through Apple's iTunes service." Also provided was a link to the MP3, a good idea, because podcasts available only on iTunes are effectively useless. [Tags: Web Logs, EDUCAUSE, Podcasting] [Comment]

Sebastian Rahtz: OSS Watch, Jisc November 9, 2005
Jazzy new website with RSS feeds and everything. " OSS Watch provides unbiased advice and guidance about free and open source software for UK further and higher education." Seriously, it looks great, is easy to read, and has some interesting content. The RSS feed for events is pretty basic (they may want to look at RSS 1.0 calendar or some such thing) but is still good thinking. And today's issue contains a nice link to exe learning, a nifty XHTML authoring tool for educators (could it output in S5? that would be so cool...). [Tags: Online Learning, Cool, Open Source] [Comment]

D'Arcy Norman: Intro to Weblogs and RSS Presentation, D'Arcy Norman dot Net November 9, 2005
This showed up in my podcatcher this morning with no sound and no context (I use a very basic application to listen to podcasts - well, OK, it's a handwritten bash script that snags the files and dumps them into a directory). Now I later discover that it's by D'Arcy Norman and is intended to be the slides for a spoken presentation. So I imagined as hard as I could and... still no sound. That's OK; I still think it will be useful (especially with some context). [Tags: Web Logs, Podcasting] [Comment]

Luigi Canali De Rossi: The First RSS Newsmastering Engine For Search Professionals: MySyndicaat, Robin Good November 9, 2005
I tried out MySyndicaat this morning and while it boasts some impressive features - most notably the ability to bring together RSS feeds, searches, and group bookmarks into one environment (complete with filtering and other goodies), I found it hard to use and unintuitive. Six or so hours later it had not yet harvested my feed (greatly exceeding the 30 seconds promised). And there appears to be no way to import my existing subscriptions using OPML. I think the authors have the right idea, but let's wait this one outta beta. Robin Good, meanwhile, has nice coverage of the launch, with an interview and audio as well as screen shots and more. [Tags: Subscription Services, OPML] [Comment]

Ina Fried: Gates Memo Warns of Disruptive Changes, ZD Net November 9, 2005
If the changes are disruptive for Microsoft you can count on them being disruptive to the rest of us. "Developers needing tools and libraries to do their work just search the Internet, download, develop and integrate, deploy, refine," [Microsoft employee Ray] Ozzie wrote. "Speed, simplicity and loose coupling are paramount." That's totally not the Microsoft way of doing things, of course, and Ozzie's memo, cited by Bill Gates, lists a bevy of missed opportunities for the software giant. It's also not the way of doing things in educational technology, which is why what is disruptive for Microsoft will be sisruptive for us. [Tags: Microsoft] [Comment]

Various authors: ACRLog November 9, 2005
Launched in September but really only taking off now. "ACRLog is the official blog of the Association of College & Research Libraries. The blog is authored by a group of academic librarians referred as the BAB (Blog Advisory Board)." Good content; added to my list. [Tags: Web Logs, Academics and Academia] [Comment]

Andrew Nachison, Director: Digital Think, MediaCenter November 9, 2005
Interesting presentation of this book in an online format (though the static pop-up window was tiny on my screen). You'll probably enjoy the video and the navigation and the photography, though I fear the message is lost behind the presentation. The editors write, "There's nothing comprehensive about this little collection of voices we've gathered from here and there to start a story and conversation about stories. Please add your voice, share the experience, try something different and dance like nobody's watching." [Tags: Books and eBooks, Usability, Experience, Navigation] [Comment]

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