Riding the Wave: Personal Professional Development in an Age of Chaos  
October 28, 2005 In this talk, delivered to the Technology Education Special Interest Council in Gander, Newfoundland, I discuss how the changing nature of knowledge and learning reshapes professional development. S5 Slides are available as is an MP3 Audio recording (13 meg). [Comment]


Announcement: Internet discussion forum on Open Course Content for Higher Education, UNESCO October 28, 2005
I honestly can't find my way into this (I've tried), but I'm glad that UNESCO is talking about open educational content, even if I can't read or participate in the discussion. [Tags: Discussion Lists, UNESCO] [Comment]

SA Mathieson: Open the Door to a Free Way of Working, The Guardian October 28, 2005
This is something Canada needs (and I would willingly work in such an institute, where I would likely be more comfortable): "A new Open Source Academy, supported with £1.3m from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, is aiming to tackle both fud (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and misplaced enthusiasm." It seems to me that much of this sort of work is needed, both in the area of open source software and open content. A great deal of misinformation and (in my view) outright fabrication is circulating, and this needs to be addressed, at some level, by someone. Otherwise (in my view) we in this country may as well close up shop and leave the inventing and the writing to those large countries and companies who can afford to maintain and support closed publication and patent agendas. [Tags: Canada, Copyright and Patent Issues, Open Source, Open Content] [Comment]

Matthew Cockerill: Open Letter to the UK's Science Minister, BioMed Central October 28, 2005
Authored by the publisher of BioMed Central, this letter takes the Minister to task regarding remarks made about open access, and specifically his comments that open access is in decline and that there needs to be a "level playing field" between open access and commercial publishing. Matthew Cockerill remarks, "BioMed Central strongly agrees that this is desirable. But the continued strong growth in open access has not occurred on a remotely level playing field. It is a testament to the strength of the open access model that its growth has occurred despite the playing field being anything but level." [Tags: Books and eBooks] [Comment]

Jeffrey M. Perkel: The Future of Citation Analysis, The Scientist October 28, 2005
An article like this, which compares between the usefulness of Google Scholar and Thomson Scientific's Web of Science, can only be considered a snapshot, partially because Google Scholar remains in development, and partially because there is an ongoing, though gradual, migration of scientific work from the closed to the open web. That said, this article raises in my mind once again the question of why scientific research should be barred by commercial interests from public view, and insofar as Google Scholar is rated the poorer of the two services, that is the measure of the degree to which knowledge is withheld from society as a whole. [Tags: Research, Google, Thomson Corporation] [Comment]

Martin LaMonica: Small Company Makes Big Claims on XML Patents, ZD Net October 28, 2005
In a claim that strikes me as pretty ridiculous, a small company is claiming to have patented XML and is now seeking royalties on the widely used encoding language. The patents date from 1997. According to Scientigo CEO Doyal Bryant, "We're not interested in having us against the world." Too late. [Tags: XML, Copyright and Patent Issues, Metadata] [Comment]

Norm Friesen: Metadata for Learning Resources (MLR): As a simplified Kernel and a Complex Schema, Ipseity October 28, 2005
Norm Friesen rethinks learning object metadata and comes up with a 'core' schema with optional extended elements. "The model presents 6 core elements. All are top-level, mandatory or required: Identification, Description, Creation, Contextualization, Access, and Record. Each of these elements is also an element category, containing further sub-elements." [Tags: Learning Objects, Schemas, Metadata, Semantic Web, Ontologies] [Comment]

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Browse through the thousands of links in my knowledge base sorted according to topic category, author and publication.

Browse through the thousands of links in my knowledge base sorted according to topic category, author and publication.

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