Richard Schwier: Wiley and Martindale on Social Software - AECT 2005, Rick's Café Canadien October 26, 2005
Today's newsletter is coming to you from Gander, Newfoundland, where I am in town for the TESIC conference. I cannot say what internet access I will have (this newsletter was actually prepared early this morning) so there may be some service interruptions. Oh, and this link is to a summary of a talk by David Wiley and Trey Martindale on social software. [Tags: Newsletters] [Comment]

Graham Glass: Google Base, Graham Glass, etc. October 26, 2005
From the rumours department: is Google preparing to launch Google Base, "a way for people to share structured documents with each other." According to Graham Glass, the idea would be to "share contact information, resumes, matchmaking information, medical records, etc. and would include security permissions so that users could restrict information to, say, their current doctor or to their friends." This project is obviously worth doing, whether or not Google is doing it. [Tags: Project Based Learning, Security Issues, Google] [Comment]

Various authors: The Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems October 26, 2005
If you have been following the discussion with David Merrill on ITForum, a discussion which has touched on the distinction between simple and complex systems, you will find this site to be worth a read. "Complex systems can be identified by what they do - display organization without a central organizing principle (emergence) and also by how they may or may not be analyzed - decomposing the system and analyzing subparts does not necessarily give a clue as to the behavior of the whole. A rough definition: A complex system is a system with a large number of elements, building blocks or agents, capable of interacting with each other and with their environment." Via elearnspace. [Tags: None] [Comment]

Matt Pasiewicz: A Conversation with Brian Lamb, EDUCAUSE Blogs October 26, 2005
I know this will be worth the listen: " In this 20 minute interview, we'll hear from Brian Lamb, Project Coordinator at the University of British Columbia as he shares thoughts on blogs, podcasts, wikis, aggRSSive, and the potential for Creative Commons in academia. Brian's weblog is available at Abject Learning." [Tags: Web Logs, Academics and Academia, Podcasting] [Comment]

Fernando Duran: Seneca’s 4th Free Software and Open Source Symposium: A Chronicle, Advance and Be Mechanized October 26, 2005
Summary of the conference I attended on Monday, which I'll link to even though it calls my presentation "strange". Photos from the conference are also available online. [Tags: Seneca, Operating Systems, Linux, Open Source] [Comment]

Various authors: Teaching Online, Deakin University October 26, 2005
Nice. A project consisting of more than 70 "interviews, flash movies and resources from teachers doing good stuff in online teaching and learning at the Uni... you can look through them by faculty, discipline, graduate attribute, study level, approaches to learning and a fair few more approaches. Each case (for example) has interviews broken down into chunks, transcripts of those interviews, related cases, flash walkthroughs of the environments and sometimes a fair bit more." Via James Farmer. [Tags: Web Logs, Project Based Learning, Teaching Online] [Comment]

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Browse through the thousands of links in my knowledge base sorted according to topic category, author and publication.

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