Albert Delgado: Locomotive: One Click Installation of RoR Bundle, Educational Weblogs October 7, 2005
I've looked at Ruby on Rails and thought it had a lot of promise, but didn't relish spending the days (weeks?) installing it. Maybe this is the answer? Nope, not for me - it's designed for Mac OS X 10.3. Sheesh. [Tags: Ruby and Ruby on Rails] [Comment]

Graham Attwell: Recognising Learning: Educational and pedagogic issues in e-Portfolios, Graham Attwell :: Weblog October 7, 2005
The core of this paper is the "seven different functions for an ePortfolio, all of which can be mapped against different pedagogic processes": recognizing learning, recording learning, reflecting on learning, validating learning, presenting learning, planning learning, and assessing learning. The author also looks at "assessment in many portfolio applications and implementations and the issue of ownership." [Tags: E-Portfolios] [Comment]

Unattributed: ePresence 3.0 Has Been Released, Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto October 7, 2005
ePresence Media is open source software that supports media capture, archiving, and archive access. You can access live events and archives at the ePresence website. From the email William Langley forwarded to me: "The ePresence Media package includes ePresence Server for Linux and Windows, ePresence Producer, ePresence Proxy for Power Point, and ePresence Player for Windows. This toolkit allows you to capture and publish navigable and searchable multimedia presentations." Outputs are in Windows Media, Quicktime and Real Media. [Tags: Open Source, Microsoft] [Comment]

Dave Pollard: Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration 2015, How to Save the World October 7, 2005
"Bad news rarely travels upwards in organizations." Well, we knew that (I mean, how often do we write a critical email to the director?). But traditional knowledge management simply ignores this and many other truisms of information flow. In this light, we see in knowledge management a shift in emphasis from "focusing on aggregating contributed content and 'integrated solutions', instead of on connection to people and on their knowledge in context in simple, intuitive, stand-alone apps." [Tags: Knowledge Management] [Comment]

Unattributed: SWR Search/Retrieve Web Service, The Library of Congress October 7, 2005
"The SRW/U protocol uses easily available technologies -- XML, SOAP, HTTP, URI -- to perform tasks traditionally done using proprietary solutions; it can be carried either via SOAP (SRW) or as a URL (SRU)." For example, this site demonstrates and documents using SRW to access a Z39.50 database. I don't view these really as harvesting protocols (though I suppose in theory they could be used that way). They are mostly systems for expressing queries; "The query is represented in CQL, the 'Common Query Language', designed for human readable, human writeable, intuitive queries." [Tags: Metadata, XML] [Comment]

Robert Sanderson, Jeffrey Young and Ralph LeVan: SRW/U with OAI: Expected and Unexpected Synergies, D-Lib Magazine October 7, 2005
The authors write, "SRW/U (the Search/Retrieve Webservice) and OAI (Open Archives Initiative) are both modern information retrieval protocols developed by distinct groups from different backgrounds at around the same time... SRW and OAI clearly complement each other... OAI's lower barrier to entry and specific goal make it easy to recommend for anyone to implement, whereas SRW is somewhat more complicated but aims to reproduce the essential functions of Z39.50 in facilitating distributed searching rather than harvesting." D-Lib Magazine, February, 2005. [Tags: None] [Comment]

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Browse through the thousands of links in my knowledge base sorted according to topic category, author and publication.

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