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MOOC – Diversity and Community in Online Learning

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Author: Stephen Downes
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26e Entretiens Jacques Cartier, Centre Jacques Cartier, Lyon, France, Keynote, Nov 27, 2013.

In this presentation I outline the major elelements of a connectivist MOOC, with particular intention to distinguish it from other models of MOOCs, and to make the point that assesssments of quality and effectiveness should be related to the goal of the MOOC model we developed. In addition, in this presentation I address the subjects of diversity and community, and explain why a MOOC should not be thought of as the same thing as a community. Additionally, there was a panel discussion, mostly in French, but with contributuons in English from myself - click here for the audio of the panel. See also this web page - I know there's video out there somewhere...

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